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E3 trailer and screens released for Injustice: Gods Among Us

Whatever the original story behind Injustice: Gods Among Us turns out to be, one thing’s for sure- these ain’t the superheroes you’re used to.

Nothing new to report quite yet in the details department (gameplay, story), but the just released trailer for the DC Universe fighting game from NetherRealm definitely has some interesting stuff going on.

As you can see in the vid, all the heroes and villains on the roster are radically different in design from what fans are used to. Batman’s costume looks a lot more like the Nolan-verse design than the traditional comics (or even Arkham City) version, Superman looks more like the Eradicator (comics nerd point if you got that one), and The Flash is wearing… armor?

I get the feeling that the DCU multiverse might very well be involved in the plotline in some way. With the whole idea of heroes ‘turning’ against us, I could definitely see the Crime Syndicate or even just alternate universe versions of characters in the game. Or maybe even the Injustice Gang (Luthor is always sneaking around these kinds of things) come to think of it- Injustice is part of the name after all.

We shall see when waaaaay more is let loose about the game at next week’s E3.

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