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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD soundtrack listed

Tony Hawk’s games were always filled with awesome pop-punk and angsty rock, and some of it is back!

If you played the great Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater when you were growing up, you’ll remember the ‘totally bitchin” soundtrack. Growing into my teenage years as I played the game, the angsty rock and pop-punk soundtrack was the perfect accompaniment to my relatively comfortable upbringing. While I have moved on from the original game’s style of music it certainly had a hand in shaping what I listened to for many years.

Now the remake is on the horizon a lot of people are wondering what songs will be included in the game and the list has been revealed. It is rumoured that new songs will be added with the THPS3 Track DLC pack, so the list won’t be representative of the full soundtrack.

Returning tracks:

  • Bring the Noise – Anthrax featuring Chuck D
  • Superman – Goldfinger
  • When Worlds Collide – Powerman 5000
  • Heavy Metal Winner – Consumed
  • May 16 – Lagwagon
  • No Cigar – Millencolin
  • You – Bad Religion

New tracks:

  • The Bomb – Pigeon John
  • We the People – Lateef the Truthspeaker
  • Marathon Mansion! – Pegasuses-XL
  • Teenage Blood – Apex Manor
  • Please Ask for Help – Telekinesis
  • Flyentology (Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix) – El-P featuring Trent Reznor
  • USA – Middle Class Rut

Source: Eurogamer

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