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Brutal Gamer Hangout #1: Hairnet Models and Mustachioed Strangers

Come join us for Brutal Gamer’s first [successfully recorded] Google Hangout!

After weeks of failed recording attempts, the Brutal Gamer staff is finally able to record the first episode of Brutal Gamer Hangout!

In this episode Justin, Amy, Hanna, and Troy discuss; Tomb Raider’s delay (and Lara’s lady parts), the ever shrinking PlayStation Vita sales, Epic’s attempts to make next-gen consoles even more expensive, 38 Studios’ financial woes, what we are looking forward to from E3, and much more. We are also briefly joined by a professional “hairnet model” and a friendly mustacheod gawker.

All this and more in Brutal Gamer Hangout #1.

About Justin

A gamer since the Intellivision days in the early 80′s, who started writing about and covering the video game industry in 2008. In his spare time he is also a bit of a gun-nut and Star Wars nerd.

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  • Amy

    That’s totally how I am in real life too—can’t focus on one thing, and tons of people swarming around me 🙂 Turned out pretty good anyway……now, I’m off to write you guys fanmail. OMG……YOU’RE FAMOUS!!!!!11!

  • Hahahahaha you’re actually real people… all this time I thought everyone else on the site was just Amy’s split personality disorder kicking-up a notch 🙂

    Also…… whad-up wiv all dem ‘Mericans !?! EU represent! Oh wait I forgot we were all sleeping 😉

    So totally gonna model myself on Justin from now on… hella famous 😉

  • @Zeth Hey I’m sure some of the EU guys were still up at that hour. Most likely closing down some pub somewhere, but they were awake.