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New Details About Max Payne 3 Multiplayer

Rockstar looks to revolutionize multiplayer- but will it work?

So this is what multiplayer in Max Payne looks like.

When it was announced that Max Payne 3 had multiplayer, the only thing Rockstar could have done to make long-time fans more skeptical, was take Max out of New York and shave his he- oh. Right.

Now, new details are coming out about the games’ competitive modes, and gameplay mechanics.

So far, three game types have been announced. Along with good ol’ fashioned Team Deathmatch, there is a mode called Payne Killer, which starts as a 16-player free-for-all, with the first person to get a kill, taking the role of Max Payne himself. The unlucky sap who that player kills, fills the less enviable shoes of Passos, Max’s partner throughout the singleplayer campaign. The two must then fight together, fending off the other 14 players, who take over the roles if they do the most damage to the respective character.

The last revealed mode thus far, is Gang Wars. This game type has two teams of eight players, playing as some of the different factions that Max battles with throughout the singleplayer campaign. There are five rounds in every game, and each one has an objective for the opposing teams to try to complete. The mode is tied to the singleplayer, in that the skirmishes between the gangs take place in settings from the story, presumably at a point before Max comes and blows them all away anyway.

What’s most interesting, is how the series’ staple of Bullet Time has been incorporated into multiplayer. When it’s activated, Bullet Time affects only players in the users line of sight, leaving the victim (or victims) as a sitting duck for not only the person slowing them, but all those outside the scope of the power.

The famous mechanic is one of many power-ups called Bursts that players can earn through playing well and filling up their three-tiered adrenaline bar. Bursts are equipped, much like perks from Call of Duty, in a player customization screen, and how effective they are depends on how much adrenaline they have.

Other than Bullet Time, there are a variety of Bursts, such as Paranoia which makes everyone on the opposite team see each other as enemies, causing some hilarious friendly-fire. On the flip side, Sneaky changes the name displayed above your head to appear friendly to the enemy.

There are more details yet to be announced, (co-op, anyone?) but multiplayer is being designed by the team who developed it for Red Dead Redemption, and looks surprisingly promising so far. Check out the trailer down below for a taste of what Rockstar has in store for Max Payne 3’s multiplayer mode.

Source: GameTrailers.com

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