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The Amazing Spider-Man New Details Revealed, Combat Similar To Arkham City

A recent IGN preview for The Amazing Spider-Man has revealed a few new details about the upcoming game, most notably that the title’s combat borrows heavily from ideas in Batman: Arkham City, which is far from a bad thing.

According to the article, some of Spider-Man’s moves now include the ability to preform “web rush” attacks that will allow him to use stealth takedowns on enemies that are not aware of his presence.  Additionally, once Spidey goes full on into combat he can do “Arkham City-like attacks”, counters, dodges, and the game even puts up a combat multiplier counter up in the corner.

Outside of combat the “web rush” power can be used to slow down time and make a yellow destination icon pop up. Using this icon players can easily and precisely get Spider-Man to land on specific destinations (like a lamp post for example) without having to manually control him. The web rush move in the final game will be upgradable and will have a “cool down” period, so it can’t be overused.

In addition to the new details, Activision revealed that the game’s other main villain, aside from Rhino, will be The Iguana. We’ve got some renders of him in the gallery below, along with his announcement trailer. Keep your eyes open in the trailer and you can catch a glimpse of the Web Rush move being used to navigate Spidey around the environment.

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