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Forza Horizon Teaser Released

A new Forza game is on the way.

A teaser video has been released for the next game in the Microsoft exclusive Forza Motorsport series.  It will be called Forza Horizon, and according to the teaser, is scheduled for release in Fall 2012.

Horizon will not be developed by Turn 10, instead being made by newly formed British developer Playground Games, who have in their ranks former employees of defunct studios Bizarre Creations and Black Rock, who have a lot of history with racing games.  Forza Horizon will actually be an offshoot of the series, and is not Forza Motorsport 5.  However, the teaser video doesn’t give much clue as to what the game will be like, but Turn 10 creative director Dan Greenawalt has said that “It’s still Forza, just not the same Forza a numbered installment would imply.”

You can see the trailer below: –

Source: GamesRadar

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