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Starbeeze contracts after Syndicate launch

Starbreeze has laid off twenty five people after shipping latest title

Syndicate has just shipped and as is becoming the norm, many workers have been laid off. Games are labour intensive beasts so many temporary workers are generally brought on to help out small studios but often this can be a financial burden after the project is finished so they get laid off. I think in this situation many other workers have lost their jobs due to money troubles as chairman Peter Tornquist has resigned in amongst the layoffs.

CEO Mikael Nermark said, “”It is sad that we are forced to make staff cutbacks affecting employees. But we have to reduce staff after the final delivery of the Syndicate.” Indicating that it is in fact just temporary staff losing their jobs, but there is still the possibility that the project ran over cost and they needed to make more permanent changes to their staff.

Source: GamesIndustry.biz

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