Alan Wake (Xbox 360) Review

Platforms: Xbox 360
Release Date: May 14th 2010 - EU
Genre(s): Survival Horror
Publisher(s): Microsoft
Developer: Remedy
Rating: 8
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Alan Wake finally making its way to PC in “early 2012″

Remedy has officially announced that they will release a port of the Xbox 360 title Alan Wake on the PC sometime in “early 2012″. The PC release will include both The Signal and The Writer downloadable content that was released for the Xbox 360.

The PC release seems to be tied to the release of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare for XBLA, which will also be up for download during the first quarter 2012.

A price for the PC port was not mentioned.

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Alan Wake finally making its way to PC in "early 2012", 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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