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World of Warcraft 4.3 Patch Notes For ‘Hour Of Twlight’

The end is here.  For Cataclysm, at least.

Blizzard have officially released the patch notes for the upcoming content patch 4.3, title ‘Hour of Twilight’, which is due to go live in the US later today and in Europe tomorrow.  The new patch contains a lot of things, including the new Darkmoon Faire isle, three new dungeons which see you going into the future and the past, and, of course, the long awaited raid encounter with the evil Deathwing.

In addition to that, there’s the introduction of the new Raid Finder tool, Void Storage and Transmogrification.  There’s also some legendary weapons for you to go after, plus the usual glut of new achievements and class tweaks.  The official website is having issues at the moment, but you can read more detailed notes at the WoW Wiki.

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