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Brimstone Angels (Book) Review

Brutal Gamer examines the newest book in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms series, and discusses how gamers can relate.


Farideh is a tiefling, an outcast among outcasts. Much of her life has been spent cleaning up the messes her twin sister Havilar always seems to get into, but when she walks into her home to find Havilar has summoned a devil, things take an unexpected turn.

Lorcan is a cambion – half human, half devil, and son of the dreaded Invadiah of the Glasgaya. As a collector of warlocks, he has spent years tracking down the descendants of the originals, and his luck leads him to Farideh when she is at her most vulnerable. One moment’s weakness leads Farideh to accept a pact with the cambion, thus changing her life, and that of Havilar and their adoptive father Mehen, forever.

As Farideh, Havilar, and Mehen set off to find their new destinies, they must deal with not only the major shift in their relationships with each other, but also with the many dangers and surprises in the unfamiliar world around them. Along the way, their fates become intertwined with a mysterious boy named Brin and a close-lipped priest who is more than he seems.  As Farideh struggles with questions of who she was and who she wants to be, Lorcan’s powerful presence is a constant reminder of all that has happened and is yet to come.

Brimstone Angels is a well-written and engrossing story that takes Dungeons & Dragons fans once more to the city of Neverwinter. Haven fallen to many disasters, the people of Neverwinter hope to bring it back to its former glory. Yet all is not as it seems in Neverwinter, and evil forces are constantly just below the surface. Erin Evans does an admirable job of tying in characters and settings from previous Neverwinter novels while making the story new at the same time. Fans of previous novels in the Dungeons & Dragons series will be pleased with the familiar settings and overall feel of Brimstone Angels, but newcomers to the series will be able to slip right into the story without feeling like they’re missing something.

Brimstone Angels is filled with intense fight scenes that put you right into the heart of each battle.  Whether fighting enchanted orcs or the very denizens of the hells, Farideh and her motley band of misfits are no strangers to the ways of the battlefield, and Ms. Evans has a way of drawing each reader into the battles with realism and sympathy.

The characters in Brimstone Angels are both compelling and believable, despite the fantastic nature of their stories. As the readers becomes more entrenched in the story, you begin to care more and more what will become of Farideh, her family, and even her devil. What seems to be fairly straightforward at first glance twists and turns into layer upon layer of intrigue until you are left wondering what direction the story will take next.

The Dungeons & Dragons universe is important influence for many of the video games that gamers hold dear. In particular, rpg’s like Baldur’s Gate take much of what they are directly from the stories in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms series.  It’s easy to keep reading and gaming as entirely separate enterprises, but the fact is that stories like these are often a welcome dose of the grand rpg storylines we love, even when aren’t able to play them. Brimstone Angels is a story that will draw you in and make you care about the characters, while providing gripping battle scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat. I recommend Brimstones Angels to current fans of the Dungeons & Dragons – they’ll find the settings and stories they love, presented with grace and style. But I also recommend it to gamers who love a good rpg, but wish they had a more in-depth story to go with it.

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