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Brutal Debate: Is Grand Theft Auto V Worth Your Time?

Yesterday’s release of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V trailer has everyone talking, and the virtual Brutal Gamer offices are no exception. Whether they love the GTA series or hate it, everybody has an opinion, and Brutal Gamer has no shortage of lovers and haters. Today we feature the heated debate between Robbie “The Lover” Campbell and Justin “He Hate Me” Alderman, where our two intrepid gamers insult everything from Uncharted to Call of Duty in their quest to prove that they have the superior opinion. Gentleman, go to your corners and remember: this is GTA, there’s no need to fight fair.

Robbie:  Seriously…..that trailer has got me very excited for the game. I actually like that they didn’t go back to Vice City because people would be whining about ruining the original etc.

Justin:  After watching that trailer I’m not sure if I could possibly be less excited for GTAV.

Robbie:  If you didn’t like GTA IV I’m guessing this is going to be more of the same. Personally I loved GTA IV more than any other GTA game I had played and to this day I feel it deserves the perfect scores it received. It wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I may have finished it four times…

Justin:   GTA Chinatown Wars was the best ever followed by Vice City (just for the setting, Scarface was a much better game in my opinion). Overall GTA is highly overrated with the same basic storyline in every game and horrible shitty controls that kill any fun that the player might otherwise have.

Robbie:  Rockstar are good at many things, but one of them is having actual characters. They have really good storylines which are unique and have characters that actually seem like real people. Not CoD’s Captain halfprice or whatever he’s called. It’s one of the few series that consistently has interesting storylines, and it’s an open world game.

Justin:  I’ll give you that some of the characters in the games are interesting, but the overall story is always the same. “Hi my name is ___. I’ve decided to give up on my life of crime and move to either a new city or a city that I used to live in. Oh damn, somehow I’ve found myself going right back to my life of crime ways. Time to drive around with horrible driving controls, and get into shootouts with horrible shooting controls.”

I’m not going to defend the Infinity Ward CoD games (note I did not say Treyarch) because they don’t have that great of a story either. But as far as open world games go there are ones that control much better and have more interesting storylines.

Robbie:  GTAIII was a silent protagonist; he was a criminal full stop and just got rich from it. Vice City was again a criminal that took over the city. San Andreas was a guy trying to be clean ending up in the thick end, but CJ was a great character. GTA IV was a man trying to escape his past who got dragged into a world of crime by his cousin. Then he had to clean up the mess, and then he had to confront his past enemies. They are similar, but they are far from the same.

Pretty much every series is the same though. Every Uncharted game is Drake looks for treasure, gets in trouble, something supernatural turns up, he saves the day and gets the girl. Every COD is the same from MW onwards  basically. Every MGS game is the same, every Zelda game is the same. There are only 7 storylines in the world; you’re not going to get much of a difference in the thousands of games out there, especially when the creators develop a series which has a look and feel of its own.

Justin: I agree that many of those games do have similar stories, but is that is no excuse for Rockstar to not branch out form the typical GTA story line. I mean would it kill them to at least do something simple like make a female lead character. That would at least put an interesting twist on killing male hookers to get your money back.

Rockstar can be good at creating interesting story lines (like Red Dead for example) but for some reason those stories never make it into their flagship franchise.

My bigger problem with the GTA games are the controls. On consoles I’ve played GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA IV. In every single one there came a point in the story where I got fed up with fighting the controls and realized that I was just not having any fun with the game because of it and without a compelling reason to push ahead (like an original story) I moved on.

So what do you think?

Are all of the Grand Theft Auto versions essentially the same game in a new skin? Are all new games just the same stories being made over and over in somewhat different ways? Do Justin and Robbie seem more the boxer or brief type to you? Got an opinion? We want to know. Hit us up in the comments below.

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