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StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Fact Sheet Surfaces

A look at what you can expect from the second part of StarCraft II.

Blizzard have released a list of what you can expect from the Kerrigan focussed second chapter in the StarCraft II trilogy, Heart of the Swarm.  It will include a full 20 mission campaign and new units.  The full list of features looks like this: –

  • Continues the epic story of StarCraft II from where Wings of Liberty left off.
  • Approximately 20 new campaign missions.
  • New campaign gameplay mechanics, allowing players to evolve new abilities and units for their zerg army.
  • Go into battle with Kerrigan as she tries to restore her strength and regain control of the Swarm.
  • New multiplayer units and maps, expanding strategic choice and gameplay depth for each race.
  • Expanded features and functionality for Battle.net to improve custom-game search, and new tools for map authors to create even more epic custom games.
  • New pre-rendered and in-game cinematics bring the story of Heart of the Swarm to life.

Source: Ripten

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