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inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood hits PSN with PS Move Support

After the success Rockstar managed to achieve with the add-on Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption, it was only a matter of time before someone else followed a similar trend.

The guys at Sucker Punch though have taken inspiration from the many other Vampire related media floating about these days, which are all the rage with women these days such as Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. This DLC story inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood looks as if it will be meeting every Vampire cliché in the book, with Cole McGrath having to kill “Bloody Mary” before sunrise. This is a sub-story and is un-related to the main plot of the series.

The game is now available for those in the US and will more then likely be on the EU store this Thursday. Sucker Punch have also implemented the Playstation MOve into the DLC and inFAMOUS 2. The games is being sold for $9.99 and only $7.99 for PS+ members, which you have to admit is a bit of a bargin.

Source: US Playstation Blog

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