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Mass Effect 3 – New Co-op Information Tweeted

New information has been tweeted regarding the co-op component of Mass Effect 3.

1. Regardless of class, you can only carry 2 guns at the same time.

2. Maximum level is 20.

3. Skill trees (like in single player) will exist.

4. Only three powers are usable at the same time.

5. No ring menu, you’ll have to hold the button to swap your weapon.

6. Passive powers (“durability” for extra health “fitness” for more melee damage)

7. Each race has different movement options.

  • Humans = sideroll
  • Drell = Ninja Jump  etc…

8. Krogan charge is an ability.

10. There are 3 difficulties, Bronze, Silver, Gold.

11. Both main and side missions exist.

12. Side Missions have time limits such as defusing bombs or hacking computers.

13. You can revive fallen squadmates.

14. You gain XP through kills, assists, completing objectives, etc.

15. There is no PvP mode planned because “a believable story wouldn’t make any sense” – Casey Hudson

16. The third person view is still WIP. (If you play a krogan, he takes the whole screen)

17. Co-op is only optional, the “perfect” ending is still possible too if you play only the single player.

18. “War-Assets” are troops, characters and resources from every race that gives you support.

19. Earned credits usable on weapons and upgrades.

20. Social games (Facebook) are planned for ME3 to increase your “readiness-level.”

21. Apps for Smartphones are planned to increase your Galactic readiness level.

Who would have thought that multiplayer could end up becoming such a curse this generation, with so many developers trying to stuff multiplayer components into their games because they think it is necessary. I will try my best to reserve judgment until the game is out, since there is at least some potential for co-op multiplayer to work within the universe of Mass Effect. I am liking the idea of playing as a Drell for instance and I am almost certain that the entire fanbase is praying that Bioware implement co-op correctly.

Don’t forget to share your opinions on this as well! Mass Effect 3 is set to be released on March 9th, 2012 (Europe).

Source: Twitter

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