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Picnic Mayhem (iOS) Review

A Brutal Gamer review.

Cakes and chainsaws and bears, oh my!  This might sound like it could be Naughty Bear 2, but fortunately, it’s a simple to play iOS game by Gamebrausch called Picnic Mayhem.  And it’s much more fun.

Picnic Mayhem is simple game.  The object is to score as many points as you can by getting two bears to eat as much unhealthy food as possible by jumping up and eating it, including cakes, sausages and pretzels.  You lose points if you eat healthy food, such as apples and bananas.  Occasionally, you’ll come across a bomb or a chainsaw as well.  If either of your bears touch them, it’s game over. In order to get a bear to jump, you have to tap the side of the screen it’s on.  You can tap it while they are in mid air for a double jump.  The controls allow you to play local co-op with each person controlling one bear, should you wish.

Sometimes in a level, you’ll see a coin fly through the air.  If you manage to eat 5 of them, you’ll open an ‘all you can eat’ bonus round, where you get 20 seconds to eat as much as you can.  The bonus round includes many strange things to eat, though, such as brains, frogs an hearts.

Picnic Mayhem is a pretty game to look at, with the cute and slightly crazy bears looking good.  Food falls apart with a splat when you ear it, although when you eat a bomb, your bear meets a rather grizzly demise as their head blows off.  So, probably not a game for young children.  The bears also make a funny ‘om nom’ sound as they eat the food, as the part jolly, part somewhat sinister music plays in the background.

Game Center integration is included in this, which basically amounts to score leaderboards.  Being a score attack kind of game, it can be very addictive if you’re into this sort of thing.  The only real complaint is that that’s the only game mode.  But for 69p, it’s cheap and fun, and is simple and fun.

Picnic Mayhem is fun, addictive and cheap.  If you’re looking for a great score attack game that you can enjoy with a friend, then this is well worth looking at.  It’s also a universal app, so it’ll go on any iDevice you may have.  It would be nice to have a bit more game there, but you can’t really grumble for 69p

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