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Rumor: Dead Space 3 storyline ‘leaks’

Mole spills all about Dead Space 3

Possible Dead Space 3 Logo

Siliconera has reportedly heard from a ‘mole’, one that has been accurate about previous EA title leaks, regarding Dead Space 3. Not only that but the mole has the details of the sequel’s storyline which seems to abandon the space-based environs of previous titles. The new game will be set on an icy planet called Tau Volantis onto which Isaac crash lands.

On the planet Isaac finds a survivor called Ellie, some may remember her from the first game, and they go on to fight the new enemies in the game and try to help a character called Jennifer to get access to a codex. The new enemies are thought to be called ‘the hive mind’ which indicates a drastic change from the first two game’s necromorphs.

This is all rumour until EA reveals the game but a video from an Israeli TV station seems to have let the cat out the bag. ‘The Headlines’ is a news show that is aired in Israel and a recent episode talked about the evolution of video games. The crew toured EA’s Redwood Shores studio and a sign was hanging from the roof with  a Dead Space 3 logo on it. Confirmation? Perhaps, but let’s wait till EA are ready to tell us either way.

Sources: Siliconera + IGN

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