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SPY Mouse (iOS) Review

SPY Mouse is currently the top-selling iOS game, and it’s because of one simple thing: it’s fun.

I must have a serious deep-seated hatred for Angry Birds, because every time I discuss an iOS game, especially a “causal-friendly” title like SPY Mouse, I can’t seem to go ten works in without mentioning Angry Birds, and then implying some sort of ill-will toward it. It feels as if Angry Birds alone is the benchmark with which all other mobile games must be weighed against and then judged, and that frankly isn’t fair. Yes, Angry Birds is a fantastic game, and yes, it’s affordable, and YES it’s constantly updated and supported (for free!) by the developer. It’s everything that one could want in a game — for the lack of a better word Angry Birds is perfect. My problem with Angry Birds is that it’s also untouchable — or seemingly so. It’s the hero, sitting atop the iOS and Android marketplaces, that nobody can unseat. Yes, it deserves to be there, but like all great things, it eventually must come to an end.

Thankfully, the latest grand champion on the iOS marketplace is a little game called SPY Mouse, by Electronic Arts. (Longevity of that accomplishment, however, has yet to be proven, but so far it’s doing quite well.) SPY Mouse is a cute and approachable game, and it’s a lot of fun! While it isn’t the most original title, it’s a highly capable game that has absolutely nothing to do with physics and nothing to do with any goddamned birds — angry, tiny or otherwise! (Sorry.)

In SPY Mouse, you control a mouse who must navigate his way safely through a house, collecting chunks of cheese (as mice tend to do), and then getting the hell outta there before the cat gets them.

You control the mouse, by drawing the path you want him to follow with your finger. Once you collect all of the cheese, and avoid any obstacles, a mouse hole doorway opens somewhere in the house where you must go to proceed to the next level.

Much like the popular iOS birds game (which will go nameless from here on out), you are graded on your performance at the completion of the level. In SPY Mouse, instead of a star-based award system, you will earn up to three ribbons depending on how well you met the criteria for each level. For example, most levels will award you a ribbon if you can complete all of the objectives and exit the level all in a single path. Others ribbons can be awarded for finishing the level in under a certain amount of time and for being stealthy and avoid being spotted by the cats. Each level’s criteria can be checked from the game’s pause menu.

SPY Mouse features six worlds, consisting of 12 levels each – 11 “normal” puzzles levels and 1 “boss” battle level. It also features a multiplayer mode where you can meet up with Squeak Friends and complete special challenge missions. This mode was not tested in this review as I sadly had no Squeak Friends to test this out.

Final Thoughts:

SPY Mouse is definitely a worthy title to be atop the list of most popular iOS games. It’s affordable, stylish, and fun!

It’s path-drawing mechanics are simple to learn but challenging to master. I highly recommend giving it a shot.

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