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Hearts of Iron 3 : Dies Irae Götterdämmerung (PC) Review

Es war ein Kampf bis aufs Messer.

This expansion to Hearts of Iron III puts players in control of the guys who started the whole thing with the goal of finishing it with a much more desirable outcome.

DI: G brings with it a host of changes and additions that will further submerse plays and fans in WWII but will possibly put the nail in the coffin of casual players.

The first thing players will notice is the upgrade in graphics. Not only did they give the world map an uplift and add naval maps, they also changed the way your troops look. You can also follow along in their progress if you wish to see how their look changes as you train them from cute little Nazi wannabes into the handsome incarnation of evil itself.

User feedback was also taken into account in this outing, which led to some changes in how the enemy AI performed as well as how certain countries behave. Apparently, the Soviet Union was too easy in the past so they beefed up their tactics and made the winter affect your troops in a very bad way. They also locked down a few aspects of diplomacy so players could not try to cheat the timeline or create some unrealistic alliances.

The weather is not the only thing that the player will have to compete with; they must now also pay attention to terrain. Various units will have different degrees of success depending on the type or terrain. Luckily, they also added a new system that allows you to control your operations and tailor your tactics as needed.

Because you play as the Germans, you can also expect a ton of focus around the use of submarines.

No more fast forwarding to get to the good stuff. There are now a few events that happen in the lead up to war that could have an effect on the outcome. Some of them are big, and some are small but they will all cause you to slow down a bit and think them through.

Final thoughts:

When the HOI team is able to focus on just one county instead of developing for the entire war, scary and wonderful things happen. You can see all of their knowledge about the subject matter and expertise in game making come together and really sink the player much further into the experience than some may want to go. If you happen to be a casual gamer, run for the hills and never look back. If you are a casual historian that also plays games (or you think maybe Hitler had a point) then sit down, put the coffee pot on full throttle. You’re going to be here a while.

Sure, this may be yet another expansion on a game with mostly the same plot and devices, but you know what they say; “Es schadet nie, eine gute Geschichte zweimal zu erzählen.”

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