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Hearts of Iron III: Semper Fi (PC) Review

We take a look at the expansion for HOI3.

Being an expansion, Simper Fi does not change much of the core game play of HOI3, which we recently reviewed. Take a look at the full review here if you would like some background.

Simper Fi does add quite a bit and could change the way players approach the game. There are not many aspects of the game that have not been touched. The ability to set objectives for your allies and share technological advances has been added giving strategic alliances a boost. There have been updates that make the command structure easier to manage. Air and naval operations have been given an upgrade as well with the Air Superiority map and the ability to designate warships as “Pride of the Fleet”. Players can now upgrade their brigades which allows building simple groups at the start but then upgrading them as new technology and resources become available.

A huge change in my opinion is one that allows players to choose their own Victory Conditions. This feature opens the playing field up to a large number of possibilities. This way, if you do happen to want to play as a small nation, you can choose a condition that represents the level of challenge that you would like to take on.

AI has been buffed up as well and will set it’s own agendas, structure and manage its own objectives, alliances, and fleets.

A new scenario that takes place is 1940, which rounds out the the expansion and gives players something new to test their skills against while taking in all of the changes.

Final Thoughts:
Semper Fi manages to deepen the game play while adding a few more options that make the experience more user friendly and allows players to concentrate on their many avenues to victory. The enhanced AI makes it enjoyable to sit back and watch as events take place. While this expansion will probably not appeal to the RTS common folk, the hard core will no doubt enjoy the many ways in which Semper Fi takes the game to another level.

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