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One Epic Game (PSMinis) Reviews

Are you the type of guy who likes a game to grab him by the throat, throw him on the floor, and stomp on him a while? Do you just love that feeling you get when you die again and again just inches from your goal. and want soooo badly to smash your your psp on the floor and jump up and down on it, but you just. can’t. do it? Do you….like to swear? Well, then….have we got a game for you, my friend!

One Epic Game is the latest PSMini from Grip Games, and it has a lot to offer, including the aforementioned frustration.  This little mini has a lot of attitude in its little package, with a dialogue style that has a flair for the awkwardly sarcastic. While there isn’t much to the storyline, it is presented in a quirky style that makes the cutscenes between each level fairly amusing. The idea is that the world is facing takeover by an alien bad guy, and your character must save the world. All terribly cliched, of course, but the game uses that to give One Epic Game a unique style.

The controls on One Epic Game are simple. I mean, really simple. The buttons on the left side of your psp will make your character jump. You can use any button you like, which makes for more comfortable gaming. The longer you hold the button down, the longer you will jump, to a point.  You can’t double jump at all, but you will have to time your long and short jumps very carefully in this fast-paced game.  One Epic Game is a game that is constantly in motion. From the moment each level starts, the screen will be constantly scrolling to the right. Each level is comprised of various long and short platforms containing all sorts of enemies and obstacles.

The buttons on the right side of your psp fire your weapon, whatever that may be at the time. The levels are scattered with weapons pick-ups that you equip by running through them.  These can range from your default pistol to a flame thrower to a machine gun and more.  Some of the weapons, like the machine gun and the flamethrower, can be fired constantly by holding down the button, while most of the others require a button push for each shot.  The shotgun was my least favorite weapon, even worse than the pistol, as it shoots a very short distance. With the fast pace and short platforms in the game, it is often difficult to avoid picking these weapons up, but there is usually another weapon before too long.

Each of the levels in One Epic Game gives you a different goal to achieve to finish the level. For some it may be killing a certain number of enemies, or killing them in a certain way. For others it is making it a certain distance or achieving a certain speed. One of the harder goals was to make it through a level with only one life. Not so easy. While the levels are actually quite short if you were to play right through, that simply doesn’t happen. These are levels that you will start over and over again. ONe of the more interesting features of the game is that the levels seem to be random. While they are tied together with certain sequences, you won’t start in the same spot each time, so you won’t be able to just memorize a sequence if you hit a particularly challenging level.  While this adds interest to the game, it also adds difficulty. You can’t adjust the difficulty level, so there isn’t any option to make it easier or more challenging for different skill levels.

Final Thoughts
The look of One Epic Game is really well done. The colorful characters and cartoony levels remind me a lot of the games of my childhood, and I really enjoyed that aspect of it. I admit I am somewhat torn as to my opinion of the game. While I am not a gamer who generally enjoys games that require me to die so, so many times, it is a really well done game in that type. Gamers who love a big challenge should be quite happy with One Epic Game, and it is really a good value. As a Mini, it offers a choice of playing on the PS3 or the PSP for a great low price. I give One Epic Game a 7.5 out of 10, and recommend it to gamers who like a challenging, swearing, or both.

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