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SDCC : Kinect Star Wars Bundle Sets Course for Retail

Now this is pretty snazzy- a Star Wars branded 360, Kinect sensor, and controller all decked out and looking their best for the motion controlled sabre swinger, Star Wars Kinect.

Not content to be just your average paint job, this special edition bundle will have all the bells and whistles to go along with it:

  • Custom R2-D2 console has special R2 sound effects
  • 320 GB hard drive
  • Kinect Star Wars game included
  • Kinect Adventures game included
  • Exclusive Star Wars  DLC

Not too shabby. The price has yet to be set, but this bad boy will launch alongside the stand alone Kinect Star Wars game this Fall.

But does it have jet boosters?
Looks to be of the 'transforming d-pad' variety
In all it's glory

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  • Amy

    If that controller is made out of solid gold, then consider me sold! 😉

  • I’ve never wanted to become an Xbot more than I do right now.