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3DS: Nintendo’s Most Secure Console

Piracy ain’t got nuttin’ on 3DS!

If piracy is a bullet, the Nintendo 3DS is a Kevlar vest.

At least that’s what Nintendo UK general manager David Yarnton seems to believe, according to an interview over at Computer and Video Games.  The 3DS will be Nintendo’s most secure console in history.  Let’s also remember that it’s also the newest Nintendo console, and therefore should be the most secure to date.

“We can’t divulge any technical details,” adds Yarnton, “But needless to say this is probably one of our best pieces of equipment in that respect. There are a lot of things we’ve learnt over time to try and improve the security and protection – not only of our IP [Intellectual Property] but of our third-party publishers’ IP as well.”

I can’t help but think that bragging about how secure your system is, only paints a bigger target on your device.  Not only for hackers to circumvent the security, but to hack in as quickly as possible.  For every person out there who says “No you can’t,” there’s a brilliant mind out there that says “Oh yes, I can!”

I guess we’ll see how “bulletproof” the 3DS is after its launch in late March.

Source: Computer and Video Games

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