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Go! Go! Island Rescue! (Nintendo DS) Review

A Brutal Gamer review.

Let’s face facts.  At least 80% of DsiWare titles are utter shite – and I think I’m probably being generous there.  So getting a game like Go! Go! Island Rescue in for review fills even the hardiest reviewer with dread.

Luckily this title comes with some form of pedigree after a successful outing earlier in the year as Go! Go! Fire Rescue!.  So did the game live up to the expectations set by the first game in the series?  Well, yeah it did.  And it did it by sticking to the exact same formula that made its older sibling a cracking platform puzzle game.

The principles behind the game are very simple.  You are a fireman that must help hapless Darwins to the exits as the building burns around you.  You achieve this by various means. For example, to put out a fire you pick up an extinguisher and then hurl it at the flames.  You then grab one of the flailing victims and hurl them on to platforms or to other firemen.

What starts out as very simple puzzle mechanics very quickly becomes entwined in a multi-layered puzzle experience.  The game does a great job of metering out the new skills and types of people to be rescued over the fifty plus levels on offer.

There are moments of frustration, especially in the times levels, that might lead you to skip past a particular scenario.  These are few and far between though and as I say you can just skip to the next level.  Each level also gives you a certain criteria to meet in order to win a gold, silver or bronze medal.  This helps longevity as you return to try and pick up those elusive gold medals in the later stages.

On the subject of longevity, things are pretty solid for a £5 downloadable title.  You will get more than four or five hours of play from the game and as previously mentioned getting the gold medals will keep you coming back after you’ve seen all the levels on offer.

The graphics are nice, clear and colourful and set a good precedent for downloadable titles on the DSi.  The animations are a little clanky in places put adequately demonstrate the actions of the characters.  Overall this is a good looking DSi game and a great looking DSiWare title. Sound consists of the regular bleeps and bloops you might expect, and the music is suitably jaunty and electro.

There are a few niggles with controls being unresponsive and levels being poorly designed but overall this degrades the experience only slightly.  If you like your puzzle games with a platform edge then this will offer exactly what you need – just don’t expect any significant levels of complexity for an adult or competent younger gamer.

Final thoughts

Go! Go! Island Rescue! Is a great little game, and for the money a worthy investment for old or younger players.  You might be deterred by the colourful, child friendly, graphics but don’t let that put you off.  For under £5 you really can’t go wrong with this downloadable title.

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