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Gran Turismo 5 gets day 1 patch

So the day is almost upon us.  The day that many Playstation owners have been waiting for – Gran Turismo 5 will finally see the light of day.  Sony have had released a statement that not only will the game have some form of install BUT you will also need to download a 133Mb patch that enables the online play.

Now the much talked about 45 minute/6GB install is not such a chore as you can opt to let it install that whilst you play the game from Disc.  But if you choose to install the game and update the title you’re looking at an hour wait most likely before you even get to play the game.  Surely Gran Turismo fans have bent over and taken this enough for one generation?

The game launches tomorrow, 24th November, across the globe and a review will be incoming asap.

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