Black Ops Hacked

The folks over at have posted a video of a successful hack of Call Of Duty: Black Ops, claiming that a “special friend” was able to hack the game three days before it was even released.

The video shows the hacker reaching the 15th prestige mode without completing any levels, as well as unlocking all challenges and gaining access to the 15th prestige-only, level 50 challenge lobby. Says TheTechGame, “This game isn’t suppose to be hackable? Well this is the full game, hacked and modded 3 days before release. So here you have it call of duty – Black ops 15th Prestige XP Hack all you do is fire at a car blow it up and you unlock everything created by and”

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  1. [...] Black Ops Hacked Already TweetEmailCall of Duty: Black Ops has already been hacked. Less than 24 hours of it’s launch. Apparently the folks over at hacked Black Ops three days before it’s release. The video below shows the hacker reaching 15th prestige without completing any levels, unlocking all challenges, weapons, and the exclusive 15th prestige only lobby.This is unfortunate news I think for everyone. The main reason I stopped playing Modern Warfare 2 was because of hacks like these and with the addition of instant nukes I was over Modern Warfare 2. Hopefully Treyarch comes out with a patch as soon as possible so we don’t have to deal with people like this. I don’t see the point in hacking a brand new game. Why can’t people just keep it fair play the game the way it is? I just bought this game I would like to enjoy it for at least a month. Keep in mind this is YouTube so the foul language you may read please ignore that.Source: [...]

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