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Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz (PS3) Review

Way back in time.  Way, way back.  We’re talking PS2 here people!  There was a title that helped start a franchise.  That title was Buzz! Music Quiz and it proved more than a little popular.

Flash forward to the hedonistic heights of 2010 and we have then new iteration of that golden oldie, Buzz! The ultimate music quiz.  Coming from the masters of quiz games, Relentless Software, is this a glorious return or a solid gold turnip?

Once again the every exuberant host Buzz is back, voiced by Jason Donovan once again.  As the title of the game suggests this time out the game is all about music based trivia.  Not only that but Relentless have changed things up a little by adding some Playstation Move support in to the mix.

First things well, first.  This is Buzz!  It looks like Buzz!  It plays like Buzz!  Ergo, this is Buzz!  The core Quiz game mechanics are all in place from the last couple of PS3 iterations of the game.  This is by no means a bad thing because, as my last Buzz! Review attests, the games are great fun.

What Relentless have bought to the mix this time are a new system called “Paper Face” and some Playstation Move integration.

We’ll start first off with the “Paper Face” mechanic.  This basically allows you, via the Playstation Eye, to capture an image (this SHOULD be your face!) and place it on your onscreen avatar.  This makes a very unique experience in the game and adds to the laughs when your bizarre avatar creation starts talking wooden dummy style.  You can even use this feature to replace the face of the titular quiz master himself if you like.

The only drawbacks with Paper Face is that you lose these customisations when you go online – probably for reasons of decency rather than technological limitations.  And the characters that don’t have the Paper Face layer on them still appear very flat.  This is also evident in Buzz when he is presenting.  He just looks a little strange and appears to of lost a lot of weight between games.

The Move functionality adds a new dimension to the already great quiz title.  These Move mini-games take a leaf out of early release titles like Eye Pet Move and Start the Party by using the augmented reality features of Move.  This sees you wielding magnets and mallets to answer questions in the quiz.

The mini games are as follows.  Heavy Metal, which sees you using the Move as an onscreen magnet.  You pick up the correct answer and drag it over to the metal teeth.  Master Blaster has you zapping the correct answer to the questions attached to shiny gold ufo’s using an onscreen ray-gun.

The final game type is Pop Life.  Here you use an on screen dart to burst all the incorrect answers and leave the one remaining correct answer.  This is probably the weakest of the Move game types as it has a little trouble detecting the finesse of movement.  You sometimes find yourself popping the wrong balloon simply because you move the dart from A to B.

Each of these Move modes is great fun in their own right and adds a nice distraction to the overall mix.  They don’t integrate in the main body of the game and they can’t be played online; which is unfortunate.

Once again My Buzz! Has been well implemented.  This is Relentless’s online user generated quiz feature and it adds huge amounts of longevity to this title.  Simply look for a quiz of your choice or, if nothing takes your fancy, just make a whole new one.  It really is incredibly simple and intuitive to use.

Challenging players in either your front room or via the internet is al great fun and is the real meat of the gameplay.  The single player quiz sessions are all well enough but when you’re up against real live players a whole new social dynamic comes in to play.

Sure, not a whole lot has changed between this and other versions and some of the music is probably not the licensed editions.  The small additions that have been added Paper Face, Move support and the ability to use custom buzzer sounds all add nicely to a tried and tested package.  What I’m basically saying is that if you like this type of game then you’re going to like Buzz! The ultimate music quiz as well – just don’t expect anything radically different to previous incarnations.  That said the RRP of the game reflects this nicely and offers great value for money.

Final Thoughts

Buzz! The ultimate music quiz does exactly what you would expect it to do.  It provides great family entertainment with well polished sheen and panache.   The new PS Eye integration and extra Move elements just add to the already superb quiz title under the bonnet.  There are a few niggles here and there and the franchise probably needs to move gears a little soon but otherwise this is a great game and a real bargain at the price.

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