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Silly Bandz….the Video Game?

If you are a parent, chances are you are quite familiar with the latest kid must-have: Silly Bandz. For the uninitiated, let me enlighten you. Silly Bandz are basically colored rubber bands that form shapes. Children wear them as bracelets, trade them, and all around enjoy bothering their parents with requests for more high priced rubber bands. Ah, childhood. Well, if you think expensive, colored rubber bands are awesome, then you’re in luck. Zoo Games has just announced: Silly Bandz The Video Game.

The game involves forty levels of freeing trapped silly bandz by launching other silly bandz at their cages. Once you free a silly band, it will then become part of your silly bandz army, which you can then use to take over the world. MWAHAHAHA! Okay, not really. You jut keep rescuing more silly bandz, and use a bit of strategy as some of the bandz have special features and abilities. Whether this sounds like the game of the century or not, your kids are going to want it. Why? Because it comes bundled with a dozen “exclusive” silly bandz in cool video game shapes. Parents, prepare your wallets for a beating, because this game will be out for the holiday season. Silly Bandz the game is set to release in December for the Nintendo Ds at a price of $29.99.

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