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Move Controller (PS3) Hardware Review

We look long and hard at Sony’s latest hardware addition.

It seemed like such a stupid move on the part of Sony – releasing a technology and experience now that has been in use since the Wii launched back in November 2006.  Why on earth would someone pay yet again for something that a lot of households already have in a cupboard gathering dust?  Well friends come with me on a lexical journey in to the already known and see.

OK, so right of the bat – Move works.  VERY well.  In fact it makes the Wiimote look like a cheap toy – even with the WiiMotion Plus add-on.  The fidelity you get from the unit is astoundingly good.  Every action is almost perfectly realised in real-time on screen.  I say almost because there is the tiniest amount of delay – oh and I mean milliseconds at most.  The 1:1 relation of the off-screen and on-screen action is silky smooth.

The controller was smaller than I anticipated to be honest but feels very substantial in the hand.  It sits very comfortably in the palm, much more so than the square edged Wiimote does.  The only issue may be from sweaty palms as the surface it a little smooth and could increase the chances of a slip.  Luckily the unit sports a snazzy black wrist strap that functions exactly like the Wiimote one.

The glowing ball on the end of the Move feels pretty flimsy at first but on closer inspection would probably take a fair few knocks before damaging.  The glowing aspect was expected but still surprising.  The thing is super bright!

Spread around the unit itself are multiple buttons.  Underneath we find a nicely sculpted trigger that your finger fits very snugly into meaning no slippage from the button like the Wiimote.  On sides you’ll find a Start and a Select button.  On the length of the unit the four Playstation regular of O, X, [ ] and triangle are position in a square around the large oval Move logo’d thumb button.  Lastly there is a small PS button on the shaft.  The USB recharge port and extension port are located on the bottom.  Each button is well positioned and a simply thumb move away.  The Start, PS and Select button are recessed to avoid accidentally pressing them.

All in all the actual design of the unit is very nice.  It feels weighty and expensive and gives great feedback in game thanks to the rumble support.

Calibration with the Playstation Eye is simple and takes only a few seconds.  Most titles just ask you to point at the camera and press the trigger or Move button.  The day-glow orb flutters for a few moments and then you’re all done.  I did find that sometimes it was more accurate if I pointed at the centre of the screen rather than the camera.

There were still an odd few moments in titles like Sports Champions when the controller would lose the plot a little but this is far less prevalent than with Wii titles.  This was in part an issue with the location of the Playstation Eye camera which was easily resolved.

Final Thoughts:

Sony has done a great job with Move.  It’s super responsive, accurate and looks great.  The longevity of it as a product will sit squarely with what software companies can come up with (including Sony).  If they throw a load of PS3 enhanced Wii titles at it then the unit is doomed.  If they can actually utilise the power of the Playstation platform and think of clever ways to use the Move then the possibilities are limitless.  Is it worth £40 of your hard cash for the starter bundle?  I say yes, probably.  It really depends on what you’re hoping for here but the actual technology is well worth the investment.  Hell I say eBay your Wii to buy the Move and stash the cash to buy some games later in the year.

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