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Bioware announce Mass Effect 2 statistics

EA are watching you…

Bioware have been secretly collecting player data to compile statistics from Mass Effect 2. It’s thankfully not as sinister as it sounds. Executive producer Casey Hudson told IGN what the studio has learned.

“The only data that we get are in terms of events — little things that happen in the game,” said Hudson. “Let’s say if we want to know whether players skip lines of dialogue, we can have that become a little event that gets sent up. It’s all completely anonymous, so all we get is raw numbers for how many times these kinds of events occur. Then we can start getting ratios and comparing proportions and things like that.”

Some of the statistics are as follows:

  • Xbox 360 owners did 10% more of the loyalty missions than PC owners.
  • Two players on the PC have finished the game a whopping 28 times.
  • The soldier was the most popular class, whilst the engineer was the least popular.
  • 80% of players used the face customisation tool.
  • 80% of players played as a male character.
  • The average time take to complete the game was 33 hours
  • Roughly 50% of players imported a character from a previous game
  • Players skipped 15% of conversations.

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