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Global Agenda (PC) Review

From Hi-Rez Studios comes the MMO action of Global Agenda. Released online on February 1st of 2010, Global Agenda will be seeing a retail release in the UK on September 10th, with retail versions in other portions of Europe to follow. So what does Global Agenda have to offer, and why should gamers choose it over all the other MMO’s available now?
The story behind Global Agenda is an interesting one, and there was obviously a lot of thought put into the plot-line. This spy-fi thriller is set in the 22nd century, in a world where the Earth is ruled by a tyrannical group called the Commonwealth that employs robotic drones to carry out its plan of world domination. After a global disaster, the world is not what it once was, and the survivors that are left must fight for the small patches of habitable land that are available. Hi-Rez Studios has even put up a storyline of the events that lead up to the rise of the Commonwealth, should players wish to get more background before playing the game.

Although Global Agenda is an MMO, players are not strictly limited by the by the whims of other players to advance their characters. While there is plenty of opportunity for multi-player and team battles in the Player-vs.Player and Agency-vs.-Agency modes, players who wish to go it alone can happily spend a lot of time on the player-vs.-environment mode, which is a good thing because levelling up is not a speedy process.  Global Agenda has an RPG feel to it, and so patience is a definite requirement, but so is a thick skin. Levelling up to a competitive level takes time, so prepare to be wasted often. There are four different character classes to choose from: Robotics, Assault, Medic, and Recon; and players can customize their characters right down to skin color, gender, and facial features.

Global Agenda has a pretty slick, futuristic look to it that is pretty interesting to look at. However, many may be disappointed in the fact that it isn’t a slick as you’d expect from a game using Unreal Engine 3.  The artificial intelligence could be better, as often drones would simply stand with their backs turned and wait to be slain in turn.

Final Thoughts:

All around, though, Global Agenda is a fun game that offers lot of opportunities for different types of gameplay. Play on a team with your friends, or play solo against the environment, or play on a team against the environment. And once you pick a character, you aren’t stuck with that one. Although it takes a while to level them all up, the variety offered by having different choices gives the game many more hours of play. I give Global Agenda a 7 out of 10, and recommend it online to fans of MMO’s worldwide. Gamers in the UK can pre-order now for the September release at a price of about 18 pounds.

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