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Hearts of Iron 3 patched to version 1.4

Developers supporting a title, something which we all like to see.

Paradox have just released the patch notes for Hearts of Iron 3. The patch brings the game up to v1.4 and fixes numerous bugs and balances certain units out.

All the bugs and balances are fixes which the community asked for over on the official forums, if you have some things which you think the game needs sorting out, go ask for it.

Patch notes:

  • AI has been improved in all areas, with special attention paid to cooperation with allies and production.
  • Significant work has been done on optimization, and the game is now more than 30% faster than v1.1, and numerous interfaces are now much quicker to access, reducing lag.
  • Land, air and naval units have been rebalanced to improve the overall game experience, and submarines are much more appealing units.
  • Improvements have been made to the interface, adding a number of new tooltips and revising several map modes to give more information.
  • More support for user modifications has been added, with many more commands exposed to LUA.

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