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Splinter Cell Conviction Demo hits Xbox Live

There is a little more to the post if you’re bothered after reading the headline…

Ah good you decided to take a closer look – well done!  So for those of you not running for the Xbox I shall continue.   Ubisoft are finally giving fans the chance to get their hands on the long awaited latest outing for Sam FisherSplinter Cell Conviction has been a long time coming but by all accounts it has certainly been worth the wait.  So head to Xbox Live and queue up that 1GB download – I know I have!  Sadly PC owners Ubi does not love you any more hence no demo – you could always go watch it on YouTube… that would be the same right??

The game hits Xbox 360 and PC on April 13 in the US, April 14 in mainland Europe and April 16 in the UK (yay we get it last!).

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