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Splinter Cell Conviction Demo & Flash Game announced

Can you find Sam Fisher?

Ever fancied playing a game of Where’s Wally/Waldo but in a real world environment… and maybe featuring Sam Fisher?  No thought not – what if I say you could also snag yourself a limited edition copy of the Splinter Cell Conviction game?  Interested now huh!

Well Ubisoft have linked up with those fine guys over at IGN to bring you a small Flash title where you hunt for characters from the game, tag them and then you can enter in to the exclusive Spinter Cell Conviction competition.

Head on over to the site to start playing.

On other news, the demo for Splinter Cell Conviction should be hitting this very Thursday – yes that right the 18th should see you finally getting your stealthy hands on the game.  The full title is due for release on 16th April on PC and Xbox 360.

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