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Just Cause 2 demo dated

It couldn’t of came any sooner.

Square Enix earlier today announced (finally) the date that the demo for Just Cause 2 will be releasing on console and PC. The best part? It’s a mere few weeks away.

The date they’ve given is March 4th, that is hoping that no technical difficulties happen to make an appearance over Playstation Network, Xbox Live or Steam. The demo that has been planned, will be simply enormous and from the sounds of it, completely dwarfing previous demo’s of other free roam titles. I think it’s safe to say, that the download size will be huge, considering how fantastic the game is shaping up to be.

The retail copy of Just Cause 2 will feature 400 square miles of mountain, desert and urban landscapes for you to explore. The demo alone will let you explore a fairly hefty 35 square miles, giving you a taste of what you can expect will the full game when it’s released in late March.

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