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Buzz Quiz World (PS3) Review

A BrutalGamer.com review.

Man I love quiz games.  Don’t ask me why I have no idea – maybe it gives me a chance to flex my cerebral prowess (or lack there of LOL!)  So Relentless Software’s Buzz games have been a real want of mine for many years.  I was well chuffed when I finally picked up Buzz for my PS3.  So now, a year or so later we are presented with yet another update in the franchise, Buzz Quiz World.  So how does it stack up?  Is it an age old iterated for iterations sake, or does it bring something new?

This time out Relentless seem to of listened to the small amount of criticism that the original Buzz on PS3 received.  Most complained about lack of round variety, the good but not realised online play and a limited sofa v sofa option seeing a maximum of 4 local players allowed.  This time out you get to be in control of the round variations, if you want, and the sofa v sofa mode now supports upto 8 players.  The alterations don’t stop there.   There are several new challenges to undertake even in single player. Once such challenge sees you trying to answer as many questions as possible before you character gets dunked in a pool of green viscous gunk – great fun.45201_buzz_02

The graphics have been taken up another level this time around.  The whole play area (so stage) of the quiz now looks super swish.  Your character lines up along the edge of a circular playing area behind the traditional gameshow kiosk with buzzer. Behind you are large curved video walls that show the questions and and picture of video footage needed.  Whilst the build up and questions are going on several pleasing animations take place on these large screen making the environment feel lively and active even when it really is just a static experience waiting to answer questions.  The level of animation has been stepped up a notch too with characters showing even more taunts and emotion during matches.  My new favourite model?  The nurse – I think you can appreciate that one my friends.  Buzz the quiz master is as well animated as ever and does many a whacky thing to keep to flow moving.  All in all this looks exactly how you would want it to with loads of garish colours, huge video walls, baying crowds, sparkly suits and layers of tv cheese!

Audio wise the game is cracking.  To be honest I think Jason Donovan as teh voice of Buzz is a great fit.  That said I also think the Buzz character can be a Marmite issue – you either love him or hate him.  If you hate the guy then the game is not going to be as enjoyable as some of the one lines and just pure gameshow machismo that the Buzz character exudes are pure gaming gold.  The Buzz music remains unchanged from last time really but is still a spot on rendition of a generic gameshow intro tune.  The spot effects and tension music could of been ripped from anyone of the hundreds of gameshows bombarding our senses on a daily basis.  It all hangs together beautifully.


This time out you have a selection of 5000 questions to choose from let alone the online community made ones (currently standing at around 16000 question!).  There are several new rounds that help bring a fresh edge to the tried and tested format.  Thing like the Gunk level or slow dissolves of questions help break it all up nicely.  You have once again got the ability to play upto 7 other players (total of 8) in local multiplayer which is great fun as long as you have two sets of buzzers.  The real big focus this time is on multiplaying over the internet.  If you don’t have your PS3 hooked upto the net then you are not going to get the full benefit of this title.    Joining internet matches either as a single or with multiple local players is a snap.  You choose the type of game you want, load your profile and boom – you’re in the game.  Buzz makes us of the Playstation Eye camera to take random snaps at key moments in the game which can be a good laugh too.

A great new feature is in the way the game tracks your progress over multiple games.  When you create your profile you are asked to choose a predefined named in a similar way to G.R.I.D or Dirt2 did.  This proved a slight issue thanks Relentless as “Zeth” was not a know name grrr.  Anyway “Moose” was so this is what I choose.  Once in the game your selected moniker is displayed on the front of your podium.  As you progress through a match-up Buzz will use this name to refer to you directly.  He will also use this to refer to  your previous progress, your like or dislike for a subject or round type and generally make comment on your personal performance.  This adds to the whole thing greatly.  Previous games it was always “Player X” is in the lead.  This really helps bring the game home to you personally.  There are also countless other little touches scripted in to the game that are 100% linear and you can almost see the flag set in the coding (If sport fail =>20 Then Take the piss)  but they just blend so well you just don’t care.


Down points to the game would include not being able to login your PSN profile for multiple users at once (like you can with games like RockBand etc).  The rounds are better but are still a little dated and some are just plan old and flat.  More names in the name selector would also be good as mine would not of been the only one missing for sure.  If you are not a fan of quiz games or social gaming then this is probably best avoided flat out – that should of been an obvious one though!  Oh and around 60% of the questions are so easy your half blind and deaf granny could get them correct after 14 sherries.


Final Thoughts

All in all this is a great step on from the last version and is the best Buzz, nay quiz game, to date on any system.  The graphics are better, the sound is better, the gameplay hands together more, it is hugely customisable and is great fun.  I would be reserved in recommending it for owners of the previous PS3 version if it was not for the fact the game has an RRP of £25 and can be picked up from a certain online retailer that still has not sponsored us for £19.99 (this is obviously for the solus edition!).  If you need the full pack then this is still the est version yet and a complete bargain when you think about the content on the disc & the sheers amount of questions online.  Well done Relentless Software you have narrowly missed the “it’s just an iteration is all” moniker for a sequel game.  Oh and Buzz is an arse-hat but I just gotta love him!  This game is absolutely great fun and a must if you like gathering mates around for a few beers and a laugh or want to play something with the whole family over the holiday season.

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