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Alan Wake Gameplay Video Footage

You gotta love those groovey Russian kids!
{UPDATE 1} It appears GameTrailers have pulled this video now – sorry guys 🙂

{UPDATE 2} – New Video Source Found !

Hot from being ripped with a cam in Russia by the good folks at GameTrailers.com is this 18 minute video of action from long in development Alan Wake. Far from the Vapourware we had been starting to think it was Alan Wake had a resurgence at this years E3 when it’s developer, Max Payne creators Remedy, showed us all how far it had come. There still is no date on this Xbox 360 exclusive title but with this much gameplay doing the rounds we have to be looking at a Q1 or Q2 2010 release for sure. I must warn you that not only does this video show off some gameplay but will contain snippets of story, just in case you wade into a spoiler just don’t blame us!

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