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Super Paper Mario (Wii) Review

Apparently they DO make them like they used to once in a while.

Nothing quite like a walk down memory lane to when we were kids. Turn on the TV, plug Super Mario Bros. into the NES, grab a controller, and enjoy an afternoon trying to complete a game now considered one of the real classics of the day. It is days like this that Super Paper Mario is most reminiscent of. So in honor of those days, turn on your TV, put the disc into your Wii, and hold your Wiimote like an NES controller. It’s time to play.

Super Paper Mario is in essence a Super Mario Bros. side scroller of old, with some new tweaks added. You now have up to 3 friends who Mario can switch places with at will, each of whom have powers to back them up in ways Mario can not, many many MANY assisting spirits known as pixls who’s powers can be used like the powerups of old, and Mario himself has the ability to swap between 2D and 3D views of the world. This last power is more then important enough to be mentioned on it’s own, as you will use it far more often then any other power you have. It is the staple ability of the game.

In this game, your main opponent will be Count Bleck. By forcing Bowser and Princess Peach to wed, Count Bleck has created an artifact known as the Chaos Heart, which if he has his way, will cause the end of all worlds (according to prophacy)! As Mario, your mission is to gather the Pure Hearts as predicted by a prophacy written to counter this world ending one. Their power combined will let you stop Count Bleck and the Armageddon of all creation! Can Mario do it?


1) Too easy:  While highly enjoyable, this game will NOT offer any real challenge to you…. at all.

2) Been-there-done-that story: Ok, you’ve all played RPGs before. You ALL have saved the world, the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe many times… often from a force of pure raw evil. That’s what you are doing again. No frills, and very few plot twists. Just you and Mario… saving the universe…. again.

3) Walls of Text: Im going to say this right now… I LOVE the writing in this game…. but why does it have to be writing? This is a CURRENT GENERATION SYSTEM. So why if the characters talk so much (and they do) do we need it all in text?


1) Intuitive: You will not need the manual… ever. Seriously this game plays so similar to the Super Mario Bros. games of the NES days, I can not believe anyone but the most novice of players will need to even glance at it.

2) Writing: While the story is not the best (and being a Mario title, I don’t know what you were expecting here), the conversations will keep you interested, and often enough bring a smile to your face from the humor within.

3) Fun: This is the kind of game that is genuinely and absolutely fun to play. You enjoy pretty much every moment you have the controller in your hand.

4) Dimentio: Seriously, I think I have my new favorite villain.

Overall: This is definately a game worth having. If you enjoyed the old sidescroller Mario games, you will love this one. If you have a taste for RPGs, on top of liking old style Mario games, you will LOVE this one. Either way, you will find this game a solid title worth playing and enjoying. And at a solid 20 or more hours for the main game alone, you will get your money’s worth of gametime.

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