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Fat Princess (PS3) Review

Is it worth taking a piece of the cake?

Fat Princess is the latest big download-only title for Sony’s Playstation 3 console; it’s developed by Titan Studios. The game is mainly designed for online only play, it does support single player but the main point of getting the game is to run around massacring everyone on the opposing team and/or saving your overweight princess or even stealing there one.

Just from seeing the main menu of the game you can instantly tell that the game is meant to be something that is meant to make you laugh, from the names of the main menus like ‘Play with yourself’ and ‘Play with others’ while watching cute little people dressed up like warriors slicing each other in half with swords.


The whole game pretty much revolves around one thing; team work. Online and Offline game modes both allow for [up to] 32 players in one game, that’s 16 players on both red and blue if your mathematics skills are on the lacking side. What quickly comes to mind when thinking of that many players in one game is just how absolutely chaotic it must be, and you’re right – there is no denying it at all and that’s where that incredibly scary tactic which quite a few people seem to lack called team work comes into play. In any of the game modes (expect straight-up team deathmatch) you and your teams objective is to either capture the enemies princess and bring it back to your base (while defending your own) or just trying to steal the enemies while they’re trying to defend it – think of it as capture the flag, but with a person and with a bit of a twist on top of that too.

Team work comes into play here because you having to do two things at once, they’re needs to be some form of co-ordination, even if it is with that squeaky little shit who you just want to beat the crap out of with a candy cane. The two things being; taking there princess back to your base meaning you need people helping you fight your way through the bloody yet beautiful battlefield and then returning and then defending your own princess while also collecting resources to upgrade the 5 classes in the game plus the few siege machines which make getting round the map a hell of a lot easier, plus you need to collect the pieces of cake lying around to fatten up your already quite chubby princess to make it even harder to steal.


Any class of characters can gather the pieces of delicious looking cake to your princess to beef her up; however it is only the Worker class which can actually gather the resources, these being wood from trees and metal from rocks. Once dug or cut up, you quickly need to run the resource to one of the few outposts dotted around the playing field which your team has captured or run it back to your base and throwing it into one of the hat producing machines which is how you select your class. To upgrade any of the 5 classes (Mage, Priest, Warrior, Ranger and Worker) you must meet a certain requirement of resources, so if you have 2-3 people doing resources each game upgrading takes no time at all.

When any character class is upgraded they will have both there first form and there new form available by pressing the triangle button for a secondary way of attacking, the Warrior goes from just having a sword to have a charge ability and something that looks like a spear, the Ranger starts of with just a bow and upgrades to a shotgun which can be powered up to do incredible damage at close range, the Worker at first only has his axe to defend himself against the enemy with but after the upgrade he gets the ability to throw explosives at the enemy which are on a time, the priest can heal over everything with a certain radius of his-or-herself but with his upgrade he can quickly switch back and forth between a priest and a necromancer which can drain the enemies health, making killing them a lot easier and finally the Mage has a powerful fireball ability and a power move which will set everything around him on fire, but with an incredibly useful upgrade he turns into a Ice Mage and can freeze people around him to the spot they stand (they also can’t attack during this).


The real problem that comes with any game which relies this heavily on team work is the people who are actually playing it. This isn’t exactly something which can be taken out on the games overall score, but it’s hard not to when the game doesn’t encourage balancing out how many people can play as a certain class or giving any form of so-called ‘Frontline’ so sometimes you can have it where your whole team being incredibly intelligent and in one area while the majority of the enemy team have just walked round the back with no trouble. It can go either way, you’ll have a whole team trying to gather resources or a whole team going purely on the offence, leaving you to gather everything on your own. They have thankfully (kind-of) put in a way of stopping this by if you are a Worker there is a chance you’ll get the same, if not more points than the warrior – meaning there isn’t exactly a reason why not to go into other classes.

By far, one of my favourite things about this game is the art style Titan Studios decided to give it. A colour palette of mostly primary colours and incredibly well designed assets, everything looks quite kiddy, fun and happy, that’s until the fighting actually starts and you see people on your team being burned alive with blood covering everything. When a match properly kicks of and people are fighting for control of the centre of the map, the whole centre piece has gone from lush green grass (or a lava covered battlefield) to a blood red with pieces of ligaments in and class hats on the ground.


Final Thoughts

Ever since I originally saw Fat Princess videos and screenshots way back at E3, my only thoughts were it was going to be god-awful or one of those games which you must have a piece of (just like a delicious, freshly cooked chocolate cake). And thankfully, it’s a game which if you’re into online games; you must pick this little beauty up. The amount of hours of bloody enjoyment that are available from the fat cow are beyond your wildest chocolate-coated dreams. The biggest downfall from the game is that in the long run it will cost you a lot more than £11.99, as you’ll end up spending more money on the cake you can’t help but crave after running around after it for hours.

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