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Monster Hunter Tri Headed West

The massive action/adventure game will be released in Europe and North America for the Wii.

If you happen to be one of the poor souls who rejoiced in the recent talk of Nintendo’s star fading a bit. If you pointed triumphantly at the Wii’s sitting nicely on the shelves now that they can finally be found in stock at most stores. If you stood atop your Xbox 360 or PS3 and proclaimed the end of the “gimmick” that is the Wii. Well, I have some bad news.

We already told you of some of the great games that you can pick up right now that will be on top of the sales charts for a while (See Wii Sports Resort and Tiger Woods), and now Capcom has announced that the massively popular Monster Hunter Tri will headed to Europe and North American on the Wii.

The game sold more than a million copies on day one in Japan and is said to set the high mark for graphics, features, and gameplay on the Wii. This is a game that was origionally going to be made for the PS3 but was moved to the Wii because of “’high development cost of titles for PS3”.

Monster Hunter Tri will feature underwater gameplay, new items, weapons, and amour. It will also have online and offline cooperative play and Capcom calls it “most epic Monster Hunter adventure yet” .

It’s only on the Wii and it’s out early 2010.


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