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Borderlands demo is a possible – say Gearbox

But then if it blows like Brother in Arms…. Best not eh !

I take that back – Brothers in Arms was a good game too be honest and was underated last year so many of us here at BG are super stoked for the release of Borderlands.  So it was with a glad heart we heard, via Kotaku, that Mikey Neumann of Gearbox said the following:

“We talk about a demo every day. We would love to do a demo,” Neumann told Shacknews. “There’s obviously factors there. If and when we do one, I don’t know if it’d be pre-launch or post-launch, because …there’s a lot of factors there.  We would love to promise a demo, we can’t quite yet, we just want to get the game done,” he adds. “That’s always the hardest thing for developers to do—you never quite know how the time’s going to work out. We’re doing really well, but I can’t promise it.”

Borderlands is looking like an excellent game.  If it is not on your radar and you are a fan of shooters then I suggest you check it right now!  The game is out in October.

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