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Sam & Max: Save the World (Xbox 360) Review

An entertaining point and click adventure that captures the spirit of the franchise.

If you are not familiar with Sam & Max, you should be. There is no better way to get acquainted with the freelance police duo than warm up to Sam & Max Save the World.

Sam & Max is a point and click adventure game for the Xbox 360. Originally made for the PC; the port for the 360 does point and click remarkably well. The controls are simplistic and do a good job of taking your mind away from the fact that you are moving a cursor around the screen and helps you to focus of the dialog and gameplay. Which is fortunate as the dialog is the games strongest suit.

Every single item and character in the game is packed with witty banter. While there were not any moments that had me in hysterical laughter, I found myself going back to things that I have already done or holding off on completing a puzzle just so I could make sure to hear every line.

If you are going to play the game it’s best to take your time and enjoy the writing. Funny as it may be, the dialog does tend to repeat itself in places and those looking to speed through a game will probably get frustrated by the endless amount of conversation.

As with any point and click adventure, the game does revolve around to discovering clues to solve puzzles. Most of the time they are very easy to figure out but occasionally the solution approaches absurd.

The game received a nice bump in graphics for its debut on the 360. You will roam around in crisp (for an arcade game) 3D environments. Clickable items stand out so there is no aimless clicking on items in the back ground in the hopes of discovering something useful.

Save The World is comprised of six satisfying episodes to work your way through.

“Culture Shock”
Sam & Max must find out what is behind the strange behavior of a group of former child stars know as the “Soda Poppers”. You will explorer the neighborhood and get to know a diverse group of characters on your way solving the mystery.

“Situation: Comedy”
In this episode you get to become stars yourself as you work your way through pop television to find out why talk show host Myra Stump has seemingly gone off her rocker.

“The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball”
A mystery surrounds the disappearance of a mole that the commissioner has sent to infiltrate the mob. Sam & Max must go behind enemy lines to find out what has happened.

“Abe Lincoln Must Die!”
This time the person that has gone crazy is none other than the president of the United States. It’s up to Sam & Max to sort it out by whatever means are necessary…

“Reality 2.0”
What can be bigger than taking on the president? Sam & Max find out by taking on the beast that is an online video game. The pair will have to get really in the game to solve this one.

“Bright Side of the Moon” In the final adventure, Sam & Max go the distance with a trip to the moon to save all humanity. Get ready to jump into the ever versatile Desoto to try to finish off the villain and Save the World.

It’s obvious that the makers of this game really want people to just have an enjoyable experience as evidenced by the many considerations put into the game and even the fact that they have walk throughs conveniently placed on their website.

For providing an above average experience with an above average game, Sam & Max Save the World gets a six out of ten.

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