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Games we would and wouldn’t like to see sequels of

Time to think back to the good ol’ days.

We all have those games which we go back to every so often which we will always love and they have a special place in your heart, which no game could ever replace. You know the sort of games which I’m talking about; ones you grew up with, spending drunken nights with friends playing ‘till the sun started to rise and still wanted to carry on playing, the game which always made you say “just one more minute!” those ones.

And every time you go back and play those titles which have a special place in your heart, you constantly crave a sequel every time you boot it up. We’re not talking about the massive multi-million dollar, AAA projects, but the games which were created by small unknown companies.

Well, here are our top games we would and wouldn’t like to see a sequel of, one from each of the staff of Brutal Gamer:

Viatrophy –


Earth Defence Force 2017


The one game which I’d like to see a sequel more than any game made to date is Earth Defence Force 2017 which was released in 2007 it was developed by Sandlot and published by D3. The main concept behind the game is simply ‘anything which isn’t human, blow the shit out of it with any form of weapon you’ve picked up in previous missions. The game is set in Japan and is invaded by aliens, but instead of the aliens being green Martians they are giant insects and robots firing laser beams (oh, and also the giant robotic dinosaur). Yes, I realize that the description of the game is shit but it’s the concept behind it which is the fun part; Unlimited ammo, 2 player co-op, hundreds of enemies coming at you constantly and some of the biggest explosions seen in video games to date.

There are 50+ levels with 5 difficulties, each level the enemies drop health, stamina (which makes your overall health increase) and weapons. Over 250 weapons can be found in the game, some able to take down half a city while others are peashooters.

Like all games, this one did have it’s fair share of problems such as screen tearing, massive frame rate drops and quite poor graphics, but the game was actually that much fun you could easily ignore all of the problems because the explosions were to distracting.

If you own an Xbox 360 and have yet to pick up this game, I seriously advise you do if you just like mindless fun, plus, its dirt cheap to pick up in stores.


Stalin vs. Martians


The game which I’d least like to see get a sequel more than the return of Jack the Ripper is Stalin vs. Martians which was developed by Black Wing Foundation, Dreamlore and N-Game, published by Paradox Interactive. Stalin vs. Martians is a fantasy RTS game where Martians invade Earth and Stalin is here to save the day with this incredibly crappy RTS title. The game plays like shit, looks like shit and is one of the few games around today which does not ever deserve to be purchased by any man, child or woman.

When the hell during the development process of this game did it ever sound like a good idea to create this enormous fuck-up, I understand that it’s a parody game but that does not mean it’s meant to be this crap. Stalin vs. Martians deserves to be sent to the digital hell with other gaming characters such as the Werehog in Sonic Unleashed.

Spoon –


The Legend of the Dragoon


The sequel that I have been waiting 9 years for is “The Legend of Dragoon”.

I loved Legend because it bucked the system and introduced a battle system that has been repeated in many forms. It was fun and challenging at the same time. To be good at the game players actually had to have skill and not just know how to navigate the menu. There quickly became a designation between RPG players other than how long they played the game.

The story and graphics were what you would expect but the “Additions” battle system was unique for its time. Once you started a move, you could press certain buttons at the moment of impact to add another hit. Once you chained enough hits together you would gain a damage bonus. The timing of the additions was different for each move and kept you on your toes. This level of difficulty angered many RPG fans and lead to mixed reviews but it remains one of my favorite games of all time.


Perfect Dark Zero


The original was a great game but they killed it with Perfect Dark Zero. It’s time to let it die in peace.

Zero started out as a Gamecube game but because of delays and buy outs, it became an Xbox 360 launch title. It would have been better served if it had stayed on the Gamecube. Not that it would have been a better game on the game cube but at least it would not have stained the launch of a great console. Poor visuals, poor controls, and insulting multiplayer means this game never should be made again.

Moosehound –


Apocalypse 2


My sequel would be …. Apocalypse 2!  The original Apocalypse game was produced by, a then little known company, called Neversoft.  This game stared the might Bruce Willis as an all action hero and was basically a stupid blastfest from start to end in 3rd person.  It never seemed to reach the kind if notoriety it deserved on the PS1 and seems to have been dropped by the wayside.

In my opinion this would make a cracking PSN/XBLA title if they tarted it up a bit and layered in some tasty new effects.  What they should NOT do is try and push the concept at full price, they should not try and do anything clever with the pure and simple run-shoot-mayhem nature of the gameplay.  What it does it does incredibly well!  Oh and please god do not make it an IPhone game!  Whoah that would fuck it from the start!




Portal.  This was a fantastic game – totally amazing and a blast to play through.  But that’s it.. job done please don’t murder the concept by stretchig it out in to another game.  In the end I was glad to reach the final stage and win (no cake!) but I was done.  Sure I have played through a few times more since but I just think a reworking of the title will murder the good memories I have of that title.

Ognawk –


Dungeon Keeper


The first two games were excellent fun.  As was the norm with Bullfrog games around that time, the series had a great sense of humour.  Popping down doors and laying traps to take out any nefarious do-gooders who would dare to try and defeat you.  Not forgetting the challenge of trying to balance the dungeon to make sure that people were happy and that natural enemies were kept apart so there wasn’t any fighting in your dungeons.  Great fun!  It was also great watching the overworld map slowly turn red as you defeated the Lords of the Land in each mission.


Total Annihilation: Kingdoms


The original Total Annihilation was an excellent game.  TA : Kingdoms was really a spin-off rather than a sequel.  It changed the futuristic setting for a medieval setting and it really didn’t work at all for me.  It was not a pretty game.  I found the idea of using mana as a building resource to be a little ridiculous.  In addition, they tried to make the factions in the game different, and in doing so kind of upset the balance a little bit.  It was just a disappointing experience to me.

What are your games you would and wouldn’t like to see sequels of? Let us know in the comments or in the forum!

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