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Voot, Banjo-tooie & Bionic Commando demo now up on Live

A huge amount of playable content has just hit the Xbox Live market place, Mr. Major Nelson has confirmed over on his website.

We see the arrival of:

Voot – The newest arrival to the Xbox Live Arcade, crazy robots fight to the death and it’ll set you back a large 1,200 Micorosft points.
Banjo Tooie
– The remake of the classic N64 platformer, same as above, this will set you back a massive 1,200 Microsoft points. Although I’m sure you can buy an N64 plus the game for cheaper then that…
Bionic Commando
– The multiplayer demo for Capcom’s latest next-generation title hits the Xbox Live marketplace, as it’s a demo it’s free to gold members – so get downloading, it’s just over 578MB.

So, lots of content for you to sink your teeth into – I’m downloading everything listed above as I type this very word.

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