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Red Faction: Guerrilla Demo – First Impressions

I registered on the THQ website a couple of months ago. Can’t for the life of me remember why. However, while perusing the internet, it came to my attention that members of the THQ website could get a download code for a demo for their upcoming game Red Faction : Guerrilla, scheduled for release in June.

I played the original Red Faction and found it to be fairly enjoyable, so I thought I’d give the demo a whirl and plumped for the 360 demo. Was about a 700MB download, if memory serves. Relatively small compared to the demos I’ve downloaded recently, which tend to weigh in on the 1GB+ range.

So, I started playing it. Now bear in mind, if you’re looking for detailed analysis, you ain’t going to find it here. This is just impressions from the first quick play through of the demo. The graphics are pretty good, even with all the redness of Mars all over the place. You start with a gun and a big ol’ hammer! And the hammer is a lot of fun, I can tell you.

All buildings and structures in this are fully destructible, and a hell of a lot of fun to destroy. I spent the first half hour just messing around, battering walls with a hammer, then taking out the supports of the building until the roof collapsed. And the damage you do and the collapsing roof were very realistic and well done. Also, the controls are solid, and if you’re used to shooters, then you’ll feel right at home.

There is the odd problem. When shooting, if you’re used to being able to get a more accurate sight, like in Call of Duty, you won’t have much joy here. As far as I could tell, you are stuck with the standard sight, which means killing enemies can sometimes use up a lot more ammo than necessary, as you can’t be more precise about your aim. (Edit : It’s since been brought to my attention on Twitter that you press the left stick for ‘Iron Sight’. Thanks to MeatPlowz for that)

It seems as though the world is quite vast and there is a sandbox element. You don’t have to go to your missions straight away. You can just mess around, and there is a lot of fun to be had by doing your own thing.

Overall, the demo is pretty good. Based on the demo, I’m not really sure if I’d buy this on release day. It’s good, don’t get me wrong. But I’ll probably rent it first. If you loved the previous Red Faction games, you’ll like this one. In any case, the demo will likely pop up generally on 360 and PS3 before too long, so why not give it a shot?

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