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The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (Xbox 360) Review

Welcome my friends, to Spyro:Dawn of the Dragon (The review). This game marks the third and final installment of the “Legend of Spyro” trilogy and has players thrown back into Spyro’s magical world and must once again help people for no real reason what-so-ever! But don’t let this put you off, see how much I enjoyed the title in our review…
The story so far…
The game begins
with a mysterious set of enemies, who enter the ruins of “The Mountain of Malefor”(Big evil dude), where Spyro and Cynder (Purple dragons) remain frozen in crystal after Spyro’s fight with Gaul(Evil bugger). These mysterious enemies break open the crystals and put a pair of glowing green snakes (Bondage chain) around the protagonists necks to keep Spyro and Cynder together at all times. The mystery things then take our heros away, leaving Sparx(Dragonfly), who awakens moments later in the palm of Hunter of Avalar (Useless ginger fox) who had observed the whole scenario unfold from the shadows and done nothing.
Your pointless story starts here.
Theres no point me wring anything more, because by now anyone who doesn’t know the formula of Spyro’s storyline is either too young and cannot eat solid foods, or too old and also has difficulty with anything more than juice.

Generally, Spyro:DoD turned out to be a very colorful game, and the graphics are quite good for a (supposedly) child’s game. The world itself is vibrant, colorful and detailed enough to be deemed “good” by my own personal standards. BUT, the video sequences seem to be gritty, and look like they didn’t even know the rest of the game was supposed to have color. Now it could just effect the higher setting for graphics, with it being overly up-scaled, but it looks to me like the sequences were designed for something Weaker…Almost like Wii end up looking at something thats not quite high def yet…Maybe made for the Wii and upscaled to save time on the more powerful consoles? I think so.

Spyro really deserves mentioning for its overall design, the way it was put together, the way it plays etc. The gameplay is what I’m talking about here, is the most important part of almost ANY game. The bit which makes you want to keep coming back for more, and helps you to how you to control a games characters in their environment.
UNLESS you designed Spyro, where gameplay is something you were told about and did your best to try and do well but it just never felt right. Spyro uses an advanced combat system for a game of this type, with button combo’s used for attacks, a health bar which doesn’t seem to stand up to the smallest of enemies and so much more. You level up, with exp collected from fighting enemies and performing various other tasks. These “levels” come in the form of upgrades for a breath attack for whoever of the games two characters you are upgrading.

Now I’m not usually one to bash games, and I’m a really determined gamer when it comes to completing a story, but Spyro:DoD marks the first game i actually gave up on, and not because i couldnt do it, but the gameplay was awful. Levels are designed to be huge, and confusing for both “Experienced” and “Young” players, which translates as a game which manages to be both massively irritating for us adults, and impossible for its younger audience. I even sought the help of someone in the games target audience, my younger brother, to help me understand if this game really does appeal. The interview lasted several important seconds and went something like this…
Ascension-“So then, do you like it?”
Brother-“No, i want sonic back on.”

Still on the gameplay side of things, the game has many “cool” features, including optional Elite Enemies, “epic” boss fights and so much other shi…..stuff (including dragon armour, and THE most awkward and user un-friendly flight system i have ever some across) You’re going to have to google this game, it’s unreasonable for just one person to say.
The audio for the game is good, with characters conversing in believable tones, and an endless number of growls from the various enemies you’ll face in the game. The soundtrack is performed by Rebecca Knuebuhl and Gabriel Mann, who based the music around the characters various relationships with each other. Each breath attack has its own noise and big things are louder than little things etc making it the games only appeal so far.
Jolly good.

As a multi-player adventure game, Spyro has managed to make very little (if any) lasting appeal, and although it does feature a 2 player multiplayer mode, making somebody play with you is in my “humble” opinion cruel, unfair and probably a breach of human rights. The game’s storyline is the only real appeal, and once completed you wont have much to do all over again that wont seem repetitive. Now i know I’ve been harsh in this review, but to say the game is nice and challenging would be hiding the truth. Yes, the game is challenging, but it seems more challenging on your patience as apposed to being a difficult game. And yes, I’ve came in at the end of the trilogy and am missing the back story but if game itself is really that difficult to enjoy, and far from fun for the younger audience which Spyro appealed to for so long, then whats the point?
Sorry Spyro, but i think I’m with Crash on this one.

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