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No HDD Install for Killzone 2

In a world post PS3, and now NXE, gamers are seeing the benefit of plonking a large chunk of their game data on to the internal hard drives of their games consoles. With this in mind Guerilla Games, makers of the upcoming Killzone 2 and it’s predecessor, have come out and stated – No install. Huh?

Yes much to the surprise and delight of the people who have bashed every single PS3 game that has asked to be installed (those would be the same people who are right now installing Gears of War 2 to their Xbox HDD!) QA manager at Guerilla Games Seb Downie had this to say in a Q & A session on US Playstation Blog :

Q: What’s the latest on the possibility of a HDD install? About how big is it atm if we end up having to?
A: We are not planning to do any install.
Q: Does that mean it is going to be optional or you somehow managed to dodge an install all together without the loss of shorter load time etc? If it’s the latter, a lot of devs need to take a leaf out of your book.
A: No install. Optional or otherwise.

Straight to the point then Seb 🙂

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