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Far Cry 2 downloadable content coming this month

Ubisoft announced yesterday (yes, yesterday, we’ve only just got round to it) that they are going to be releasing some rather decent downloadable content for Far Cry 2. The DLC is titled ‘The Fortunes Pack’ and features some new single player weapons and vechicles and also a few new multiplayer maps.

I don’t understand why you would release maps when you have a fantastic map editor within the game where people could simple re-create those maps and probably make better versions of them, bit of an odd decision on Ubisofts part?

The Fortune’s Pack DLC for Far Cry 2 includes:

Single-Player Mode
Three brand-new weapons
– Silenced shotgun
– Sawed-off shotgun
– Crossbow

Two new vehicles
– Unimog
– Quad

Multiplayer Mode
– Four new exciting maps
1. Cheap Labor
2. Last Resort
3. Lake Smear
4. Fort Fury
– New single-player weapons and vehicles also available in multiplayer

Unforunately, they didn’t actually give any specific details on price or WHEN it will be released, but if they say by the end of November, it can be here within the next week or so.

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