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Halo 3 install – Bungie say ‘no point’

So I was trying to finish Halo 3 last night (it’s a rental so I need to get it back asap !) and I thought, “I know! The bloody drive ont eh 360 is one of the reasons I sold it in the first place last time – let’s install the game!” – “Computer says no!”. Wel actually Bungie do but you get the point. As soon as you load up Halo 3 a news page pops up and tells you exactly why you should NOT install the title to the HDD.

 It seems that Halo 3 was “optimised to run from the disc” and as such would be slower to load and cause issues with match making if you installed it to the HDD on your XBox 360. Hopefully this is an exception to the rule as what’s the point of having the feature if it’s no use. If a company is optimising asset loading by placing certain items at key locations on a disc (old trick to speed up access times) then blatting it across a hard drive is going to screw that up. Recent findings around the net (limited titles tested and use a HUGE pinch of salt) are that improvements are 50/50 when installing the game.

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