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Criterion bringing toy cars to Burnout Paradise?

Criterion are at it once again. The announcement of more cars coming to Burnout Paradise isn’t exactly a shocker, however what is within the packs is odd. In the upcoming pack (by upcoming, I mean sometime next year) they are bringing back the old favorites in the form of toy cars. There will be 9 cars in total, 5 of them being your old favorites; the Carson GT Concept P12, the Kreiger Racing WTR, the Hunter Takedown 4×4 and the Hunter Manhatten, however they are yet to reveal what the other 4 are. No word of pricing or release date has been given, unfortunately.

This needs to be said, when will Criterion let Burnout Paradise die and move onto another project? Yes, Burnout Paradise is a good game, however even with all the new content they keep bringing the game can’t last forever. Can it?

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