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Battlefield: Bad Company Conquest Trailer & Release Date

Yes, you did read it right.
The update which has been promised for nearing 2 months now has a set release date and a trailer to follow it. I personally haven’t been playing Battlefield Bad Company that much lately due to the fact I’ve become sick of Gold Rush because I think its crap, but I AM looking forward to Conquest. Conquest is one of the best game modes I’ve ever played in a game, it was what made the past Battlefield games so popular in my opinion. It involved huge amounts of team work and was a blast to play with friends, and the new version of Conquest still seems to stick to those key features. Conquest has been given a release date for August 7th now let us just hope (pray) that they hit this date as Gold Rush is getting more and more boring by the day.

Read on to find the link to the trailer..

Warning: its a WMA file and will take a while to load

Battlefield Bad Company: Conquest Trailer

Are you looking forward to Conquest? let us know in the comments below.



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